Monday, May 16, 2011

Seattle- Starting to Get Worried

The weather here in Seattle has been quite unique this spring and that's the nice way to put it. I'm surprised the blueberries are doing as well as they are with the low temperatures we've had. Sidenote: all those blossoms mean berries this year!!! SO EXCITED!!! But anyways, back to the temperature. Those THREE pots still have not bloomed! I even dug through the dirt to look for teeny-sprouts and they're all a no go. I don't know what the problem is but I'm going to blame the weather. Hopefully if it gets warmer? Maybe I should move the pots around for better sun exposure? Hmmm...

On to wonderful things-- look at my luscious lettuce! It's getting so big, should be tasty soon. At least it loves this cool weather.

Lettuce sprouts galore.

And then of course it's just another pat on the back knowing my deduction of cilantro was correct. See the newest leaves? The jagged ones that look like cilantro leaves? Yeah, it's cilantro. I'm awesome.

100% Cilantro

And this one is how I know it's bad news bears that the other three pots haven't sprouted: Catnip. The last plant last year that I was worried would never sprout. That Devon made fun of me for? Yeah, it's sprouting at full force. I guess that's still pretty exciting.

Catnip for my cat to nip (I know that was bad).

And of course my spinach now looks like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, doesn't it? A slow growth but sure.

Spinach sprout heading to the sun.

And of course the carrots. I thinned them proper this time, though probably soon will need a little more. The leaves are changing as well which is exciting. It's like the next step!

Look how much I pulled! For shame!

A properly thinned pot now. Still some serious grouping.

I am now obsessive about watching those three pots. I may have to take Devon's advice and start over by starting my sprouts kindergarten style: the plastic baggie. We'll see. I'm still convinced they're coming. And in just a couple weeks I get to plant the zucchini and oregano! Keep an eye right here!

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