Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seattle- Persevering

It's a GORGEOUS day here in Seattle! The sun is out despite weather reports of rain all weekend. My plants are so happy!! I can see them stretching toward the sun. But, even though they are all wonderful plants I'm still having some problems.

First off my spinach! I got spinach envy seeing Devon's huge leaves last week on the blog. I planted mine first!! They just aren't seeming to grow quickly at all. She can practically eat hers already and mine are teeny! Look at this, this one below is the largest in the bunch. The only thing I can think of is that the soil was incredibly saturated with water when I planted since it was winter and in Seattle that means nothing but rain. Maybe there's just too much moisture in there. I'm hoping sunny days like today help correct that. I'm watching them closely.
My pathetic little stunted spinach

Next off are those un-growing pots. Oregano. Basil. Chives. My friend Sara even said, "They should just grow for you because you're Italian. This is blasphemy!" I agree! So I took Devon's advice and went kindergarten style. I figure I'm pouting about it kindergarten style, I may as well act like it to. So, the remainder of the seeds went in to labeled (I'm learning!) baggies. I then placed them all in the sunniest spot in the apartment: on top of Matt's Wurley. 

A last resort

Let's hope this works!

The rest of the plants are doing so well. I guess there's not too much more room for complaint. Weirdly though I am seeing a difference between pots. For example, both of these pots below are cilantro. What is causing this difference?! I water them at the same times, I planted them at the same time. Did I forget to seed half of the pot? I don't think so. But regardless of this Matt was home to taste it last weekend and just about melted. He's super excited to start harvesting.
Cilantro, yes in both of those pots.

Biggest success? LETTUCE! It's ready to harvest!! It is just spilling out of the pot. Yummy! I see a salad in my immediate future.
Wowee lettuce!

And look at the amount of blueberry blossoms! We are going to have amazing berries this year. Yay! Matt was also excited to hear that. This is probably my favorite success this year, especially with what happened last year. This plant just looks amazing.
Beautiful blueberry blossoms

And though not edible my geranium is finding some time to blossom. I'm so excited! They tell you that you should pinch off all of the blossoms in order to keep the stress of blooming low priority when you transplant. So I did and am now being rewarded (finally) with blossoms! Can't wait to see how many this plant rewards me with.
A shocking pink geranium

And the catnip is really taking off. I may have to thin this one out too. It pretty much allows a single plant to take over if last year was any clue.
Catnip leaves

And finally the carrots. I have been systematically pulling out leaves as they get bigger to thin them. I don't want funky shaped carrots to sprout. Right?
Carrots are thinned properly now

So that's the garden. For those of you interested I have also started a crafting blog called "The Land of Crafts". Please feel free to follow. I figure, when I'm not in the garden on the patio I'm in the apartment sewing, knitting, or quilting. I figured you'd be interested in seeing it all. I think I finally found my niche.

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