Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 72: Seattle- Compensation

Well, after all the disaster (and the pep-talk from Mom) I found some good after all in the patio plants. For example...

I waited for Matt to come home to harvest the spinach and lettuce so he could try them. So over
the weekend I cut a bunch of the lettuces and the spinach and made a giant salad to share. Look at the lettuce!
For the salad I just used fresh, sliced avocado (my favorite) and a heavy sprinkling of parmesean cheese. I made the dressing myself-- olive oil, balsalmic, a pinch of dijon mustard and whisk! Drizzled over these deeply green lettuces and spinach it looked AMAZING!! I didn't want to eat it it was so pretty, but MAN was it good! I have never had such depth of flavor in spinach! And it was so fresh tasting and just amazing. Even Matt liked it!

And while I was cutting I found the best of all. I
have strawberries forming!!! There are a multitude of little green berries getting ready to plump up. Look at them! Just beautiful.

And to replace my giant pot of dead blueberries I went and got two basil plants and have them sharing their new pot with a tomato starter donated from Sara- a gardening guru and dear friend. Her garden is amazing and now her tomato plant has found a new home and it is thriving!

So all in all, I'm loving this and have lots more ideas for more next year. For example, I have already exhausted my lettuces and want more! But I have to wait, so next year? More pots!