Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seattle- INFESTED!!!!

OH MY GOSH I HAVE BUGS!! I realize I just posted yesterday but how could I have missed this? I'll tell you how. About two weeks ago I noticed that my mint looked a little weepy. So I watered it. Next day it was gorgeous and had perked back up. About four days later, it looked weepy again. I knew that mint was pretty hardy, it shouldn't need this much water so I left it alone. And it looked better! And yesterday when I was taking pictures for the blog it looked good. But I just got home from church and I glance outside and it looks gross, even kind of dead in places.
My wilty, shriveled mint

So I take a closer look and see these little white threads all over the leaves. They can't be bugs, it looks like the plant was producing some sort of fuzz on the leaves as if it was under duress. But then I looked closer and wait, is that a bug? And then I found them. There must be thousands!!!
 All those little green dots on the stem? Those are individual bugs.

Well crap. So I sprung to work and filled up my spray bottle with soapy water. Oh, and I also sprayed all of my other plants and moved my gorgeous lettuce, after close inspection, far away from that stupid mint.

I am also now so full of the heeby-geebies that I am scratching involuntarily. Looks like I've got some research to do. I hope I can save the mint.

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