Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chicago: Transplanting, at last!

Transplanting is complete! Finally the weather has turned a little warmer which means that all the baby plants went outside on Friday. We have quite a few pots out there this year. I can't wait until they all get bigger; it will be like a jungle out there. Part of me is afraid that the little plants won't survive but all we can do is wait and see.

Joe's mom gave us a new pot that is actually a big milk jug! We thought it would look good as a planter and drilled a few holes in the bottom. I planted the oregano in it so I can't wait til it starts growing up over the sides and spilling over.  And, guess what? We have our first zucchini flower!

This is the first bloom of the year! Looks like we might be getting some zucchinis soon! The weather was a bit harsh over Memorial Day weekend so a few of the transplants were hit hard. Luckily, nothing got singed that couldn't be remedied (sorry no pics of burnt basil leaves).
The big slicer tomato plant surrounded by its marigold guards.

Time to harvest some spinach!
 So I guess I planted my lettuce a little haphazardly because I seem to be getting clumps of lettuce with some bare spots in the planter. The unfortunate part is the lettuce seeds have disappeared so I can't fill in the planter with new lettuce. Oh well, hopefully these little areas will grow well and I won't need more lettuce. I wonder where that pack of seeds got off to???

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