Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seattle- Day 12: The Seeds are Sow'n

Well it's about time! I finally got my seeds in the ground (thanks to our darling brother making fun of me for being slower than Devon). Things have been crazy, though I suppose that's just another excuse. Plus, Devon's last posting totally motivated me. To have something living, besides myself (and a few lowly houseplants)around sounds great. So, I planted my seeds! No pictures, it's just dirt still, hahaha.

What's now in the "ground", you ask? Beans, Lettuce, Spinach, & Catnip.

Now, Devon did mention that I have a quicker planting time. Since Seattle is a little nicer in the weather area (no offense, Devon, no offense) I have the ability to plant sooner, since we're way past the frost date. BUT...

It has been COLD! In the "Bountiful Container" they suggest waiting until the nighttime temperatures are at least 45 *F for awhile before planting and well, they're not yet. We actually had a little frost last night! So, I have decided to wait a bit before bringing in my transplants. But that doesn't mean I haven't perused the transplant aisle at a few nurseries.

With seeds in the ground it looks like I just have to wait out the coldspell.

Devie- Are your seedlings any bigger yet?!

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