Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chicago- Day 22: The greens are growin'

Although my garden is not as far along as Dina's in terms of transplants, I have to say that my seedlings are thriving! It is so encouraging to go outside every day and see new growth. I finally thinned my lettuce seedlings to a reasonable quantity and my spinach is starting to get big. Four leaves each! I tried to save as many different colored lettuces as I could find so that I would have all the varieties that were in the mixed package. What can I say, my garden is just so gourmet!

Meanwhile, in radish land, foliage is exploding everywhere! The radish leaves have really grown recently and I'm beginning to wonder if they are too crowded. On top of the giant leaves, carrots are starting to pop up in multitudes. The leaves are so small and there are so many. What if I end up with deformed carrots? That will make for an interesting post. But, based on my calculations my radishes and spinach should be ready for harvest in about 2 weeks! How exciting is that.

I am jealous of one thing: Dina's patio is just so cute! I still have a bare porch with only 2 pots. I guess my goal will have to be adding some patio furniture and beautiful flowers to make the porch more welcoming. Dina's is just so cute. I want to sit on it and enjoy the view!

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