Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chicago- Day 15: Lesson 1

Don't plant all the seeds in the packet!

You will end up with lettuce like this...

The Bountiful Container book says that lettuce should be 6" apart. 6 INCHES!!! Man, did I have to kill a lot of lettuce. Unfortunately, the seedlings are still so small that I can't thin the seedlings to 6" without damaging the other seedlings around it. I basically pulled up as many as I could and will continue pulling them out once they have grown a bit more. So now my lettuce has a bit more room to breath.I also had to pull out a lot of radishes and spinach to make room.

So the moral of the story is DON'T PLANT ALL THE SEEDS IN THE PACKET! The end.

Also, we have been getting a lot of rain here and it has been fairly warm so carrot seedlings have just started to pop up. Hurray! They came up much sooner than I expected.
Dina- is your new kitty enjoying your garden? I'm sure it will enjoy that catnip soon enough!

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