Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chicago- Day 8: First Sprouts

Happy Easter!

This Easter is especially happy because I've had my first radish, lettuce, and spinach sprouts! It is a momentous occasion to be sure. My very first sprout was actually discovered by my bf. A radish! Of course I had to capture the moment with a photo. My very first seedling ever!!! Over the next couple of days I have had some lettuce sprout up and today I have my very first spinach seedling. What a great Easter present. For a while I was afraid I was too impatient to be a gardener. "What do you mean I have to wait 7 days for a single sprout?!" But truthfully, 5 days isn't too bad now that I actually see some progress.I will definitely have to thin out the seedlings. Remember how I put ALL the seeds in the container? Already I have crowds of radishes competing for space, so soon I'll have to choose the strongest ones to survive. Guess I don't have to plant as many seeds as I thought.

The weather has been very warm here the last couple days, up to the 80s, which is a record for this time of year. But transplants won't be at the gardening center for another couple weeks or so. I'm getting anxious to plant some more veggies! I guess all the excitement with Dina's planting is getting me impatient for my own planting. I'm sure we'll hear all about her transplants soon.

Here is a look at my lettuce mix sprouts:

And my first spinach sprout:And look! A little chick came and visited my garden for Easter!

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