Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chicago- Day 36: New Additions

Although this weekend should have been jam-packed with homework (stupid Metabolism), I instead decided to add to my garden. So spontaneously on Saturday I decided it would be a great time to plant my herbs, much to the detriment of my metabolism grade. I headed over to the De-Pot (aka. Home Depot) after fighting tons of traffic (which brought on fits of anxiety) and found a huge array of plants! Although they already had tomato and pepper transplants out, I opted for herbs that I knew would thrive in the still slightly cool weather. This week's lows are in the 50s and I don't want to risk killing anything if the temp dips too low. New additions include: common sage, German thyme, Greek oregano, Italian flat-leaf parsley, and cilantro. I wasn't as brave as Dina and opted for cilantro seeds instead of the transplant. I would surely have messed up the taproot and then been disappointed.

By the way, how can you plant all those plants in your apartment? I made SUCH a mess on the porch. I had dirt everywhere and crap laying around. My house would have been a mess if I had to do it right off the kitchen. Thankfully, Joe was also there to be my muscle-man!

Luckily, my mess was cleaned up and my plants potted in time to go out for a Joe-family function and STILL not do my homework. Oh well. The stress-relief from gardening was more than worth it.

Also, I decided to test out a radish since it has been about 30 days since they sprouted. It was so cute! Taste testing revealed a good, mild flavor but the radish wasn't quite firm enough. I guess I will leave them in the soil a couple more days to see how they fare.
Since my spinach is growing pretty big I had to pull out one of the plants because it was getting overcrowded. That gave me an early taste of the spinach as well. First tastes of the season!

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  1. It's been a while since I checked in on you girls and I'm really impressed. Both your gardens look great. And just think what they will look like in July! You will be feeding the neighborhood. PS: Photography is wonderful. Love ANTLU