Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chicago- Day 56: Under Construction

Though it appears that I have been a slacker because I haven't posted in so long, the truth is that I actually have NOT been a slacker- I've just been really busy with work/school/research. Even my weekends have been busy because I have had to go in to take measurements on my liver transplant subjects. Ah, good ol' research. It's for the betterment of science...and so I can graduate. haha. But needless to say, I'm a bit exhausted these days (this will not include a photo of my dark, under-eye circles).

My lack of gardening has not been completely my fault either. My landlord is having work done on our porches so I will have to delay any more planting or beautification until it has been completed. As you can see, my garden temporarily has been moved indoors so that the painters don't paint over it!This hasn't stopped me from harvesting though. I was able to harvest all of the radishes and they taste delicious! Home grown really is the best. As you can see my lettuce is overflowing and even my carrots are getting a bit out of hand. Hopefully the construction will be finished up next week and then I can add my warm weather vegetables and some flowers. I sure the transformation will be beautiful. My cilantro is also popping up! Hooray!

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