Sunday, April 24, 2011

Seattle: Sprouts!

First off, I am not the only one enjoying the garden. With our recent sunny weather both Neti and I have been out checking the plants. Results?

So, all I did was put a bunch of seeds in to some dirt and whallah! I mean... this is super hard. :) Since most of this stuff is just in a sitting/hibernating point this is mostly just an update on what's sprouted and if I can identify it. If you remember from that earlier post about my awesomeness in working too fast and mixing up pots without labeling them? Yeah. This has become a sprout-and-identify mission. Let the identifying begin! First, my carrots!! I only know this because of Devon's pictures from last year. Ha! But exciting that they are sprouting!

Carrot sprout. So tiny!

And of course the champions I knew would start off. My lettuce and my spinach. I can't wait to start eating these again!!!

Spinach sprouts, all aligned.

This year's blueberry bush is rocking! Can you tell I did a much better job picking out the plant? It's even been cold here in Seattle and it still looks great. I'm so excited, though I really don't think it's going to fruit. One this small? Maybe this is just a nuturing year for it. Matt will be disappointed but I'm excited to see its flowers. See the buds?

Blueberry plant thriving!

Lettuce mix sprouts. Looks like some thinning will be needed. Ya think?

And of course, the most beautiful, most delicious, most thriving plant. My mint. Plus, that AquaGlobe makes it look so pretty. They are great for decoration only which is pretty much how they're used. I suck at filling them up, except in the hydrangea which is also green and growing!

Mint plant. Lemonade anyone? It needs to get just a pinch warmer.

So there's my update. I have been watching every morning, staring at the dirt looking for tiney-tiny sprouts. That's how I found the carrots. I am most excited to see the basil and cilantro sprout. Spring is in the air!

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  1. Sister- I miss you. Come visit me and my garden. Love your sister.