Monday, April 11, 2011

Seattle- The seeds have been planted. (Literally, not in some existensial way)

It's been two weeks now, since Devon (and brother JP and quasi-brother Joe) have left. One of the last days we were all together Devon and I made a pot of tea and sat down to business; planning what should go in the gardens. I realized after checking the Farmer's Almanac that I am in prime-time planting mode for seeds right now!
So, the weekend after they left for Illinois I began hunting for starters.

First off, since all of my pots were still in great condition (thank you, mild-Seattle-winters!) I could use them all again. I also retained the majority of my soil which you can re-use (so I've read) as long as you suppliment new soil as well. Plus, I still have fertilizers and all that jazz. I also went to the Home Depot and instantly got scared of all of the transplants. It's still early in the season. What if it's too cold? Will they wilt? Are these really the healthiest? Maybe I'm jumping the gun? So to save money and to prove to myself (and fiance) that I am awesome I decided to go 95% seeds this year. That saved me a boatload of money!

And now for the list of deliciousness...
Matt had 2 requests: Blueberries for opporunity snacking (after last year?! I retorted. I killed them!) and Cilantro. Lots of cilantro.
Neti the Cat had 1 request: Catnip. Lots of catnip.

I feel I must oblidge them both but wanted to do something new and exciting this year as well as all the old favorites from last year.

I finally settled on The List

Repeats from last year: Blueberries, cilantro, oregano, lettuce, spinach, catnip, mint, basil
New this year: Zucchini, thyme, chives, carrots
In-edibles: Hydrangeas (make them blue!), Geraniums (make them pink!)

So I went to work digging my hands in to the soil. Everything is planted so far except the zucchini and chives as they need another month prior to planting (from seed). I also purchased a healthy, budded blueberry plant (I did my research, apparently I did not do well choosing last year) and a geranium as my only transplants this year. Well, yet. I may have to supplement more cilantro later in the season. I'm excited about doing (almost) everything from seeds this year. There's less instant gratification which makes me feel like it's harder so I'm feeling more accomplished. But of course, I never quite think things thru. In my excitement in getting the seeds in the dirt I rushed and in rushing kept moving the pots around to create some more room. You see where this is going, don't you? I now have all of my pots planted and don't remember what any of them are. I guess I'll just have to wait until they sprout. Go figure.

My mint is doing beautifully and the hydrangeas just keep on trekking!

I won't bore you with pictures of dirt in pots but know that the seeds are there. Waiting. Now I just have to get back in the habit of watering. Yikes, this is where it gets hard.

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