Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chicago- Internet fatigue and sprouts outside

Sorry if this post isn't very entertaining/exciting but my externship downtown involves me being on the computer all day so I am currently experiencing Internet fatigue (that's a real thing, look it up). There has also been pretty crappy weather which is even less motivating. Look at what was served up to my little veggies this week...
Yikes! Snow and frost! Good thing my lettuce and spinach love the cool weather and the tons of rain we are getting.

Lettuce is growing!

A carrot! I didn't have to look at old photos from last year to know that. haha.

Straight little rows of spinach.

The zucchini was getting so large that I had to transplant it into a big pot. He is sad because its too cold for him to go outside. Sorry for the short and sweet post but my brain is computer-mush. Until next time.

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