Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Official, the blog has begun!

Ok, so I guess before we get started we should introduce ourselves. Age before beauty...

Dina- I'm the oldest and on the left. I currently reside in gorgeous Seattle with my fiance, Matthew. I am a craft goddess (self proclaimed) and enjoy knitting and quilting.
A job you ask? Pies, I do product development for a larget company south of the city. My darling sister you see there on the right is my bestest friend but lives 2082 miles away. So, we came up with this crazy idea to start container gardens together, as we both live in little city apartments. This way, we can keep each other accountable and try and create some good grub along the way. Did I mention that we have no gardening experience and I have the opposite of a green thumb?

Devon- Though I am the younger sister I am obviously the most sophisticated and intelligent sister (sarcasm implied). Mainly because I live in Chicago with my boyfriend Joe, and spend my days giving nutrition advice. When I'm not struggling as a dietetic intern, I can often be found knitting or drinking a mug of tea. Being 2082 miles from my sister is the pits and to cure our inevitable depression we had to find a way to connect across thousands of miles. Though the ability to kill plants may run in the family, we are determined to grow something we can be proud of and share together.


  1. woooooo! This blog is great! I love it already!

  2. my mom and I just found your blog, we're sitting on a beach in florida. We wish you girls luck. We'll keep an eye on you to see how things go. Happy Gardening.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do together....