Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chicago- Day 4: A Surprise Package

In hearing that my sister and I are beginning a gardening project, my mom got excited. She often gets excited about little crafty/designing/rearranging furniture/major revamp projects like this. Luckily for me, I often benefit from those projects. For example, upon arriving at my parents' house after 7 months of being away, I discovered that my room had been completely redecorated with a new large, squishy bed included. This was the ultimate benefit to my mom's project excitement. Also, one summer I helped my mom redo my bathroom. I'm pretty sure we had plans of submitting before and after photos of the project to Christopher Lowell from HGTV. Though the submission never came to fruition, I still benefited from a new garden-inspired bathroom.

Well, luckily in my mother's excitement for my own home & garden project, she promptly went to Lowe's and bought some "surprise gardening items." Those surprise items came today! Being the type of person that enjoys any packages (including ones that are not a surprise and that I ordered for myself) I was immensely excited to see what was inside. The contents included: a fancy bucket organizer that holds all of the essential gardening tools, gardening shears for cutting herbs and harvesting veggies, two sets of gardening gloves, an x-acto knife, a spade, weeder, and hand rake (the latter two items being tools I have no idea how to use!) So though I may not be an experienced gardener, I am now a well equipped one. Thanks Mom!

Question of the Week:
What is the difference between a trowel and a spade??
Really...I'd like to know...they look the same to me.

In other news, only 10 weeks until I get to visit Dina in Seattle and see her garden! Yes, I already have a weekly countdown in my planner.

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