Monday, June 13, 2011

Seattle- Coming Home to a Surprise

I spent the weekend in Chicago to see Devon graduate (yay, Devie!) and left my plants to the Seattle weather Gods. And what happened? Total awesomeness! Apparently I just need to leave my plants alone.

Spinach Take II, looking healthier right?

And remember the transplants kindergarten-style? They are kickin'!! I should clarify. The oregano looks ok but no bigger. It's a slow plant, according to Devon. The basil looks great.

Basil babies

The lettuce is coming back for another harvest

And the most exciting? Thyme! It's already blossomed! So exciting! 


With the aphid infestation behind me I'm just thrilled at how hardy mint is. Delicious and it looks so healthy.

Mint plant thriving

The catnip is flourishing!

Maybe what I need is just to not look at the plants for a few days and I'll be surprised. Well here's hoping! A long four day drive from SoCal to Seattle to bring my fiance home!!! It may be awhile until the next post. Hopefully it isn't all about dead plants when I get back. Wait and see!

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