Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chicago: Growin, growin, growin keep that garden growin, raw-hide

Sorry I have been off the map these past couple weeks. I don't really have much excuse since I'm just sitting at home applying for work, but let's pretend I've been really busy and just couldn't get away to update the blog.

So I have finally graduated! And passed my RD exam! And am officially unemployed, but hopefully only for a short time. Can't wait to join the working world. It finally just sunk in that I am done with school which means no homework, or thesis, or studying. That is just glorious.

The Marigolds are blooming!

Speaking of glorious, take a look at how my veggies are doing! We have been getting a lot of rain lately which the plants have loved so a lot of growth has sprung up. I was worried for a little bit that my little, tiny transplants wouldn't make it because they were so small. Sometimes I forget that I nurtured these plants from tiny seeds.

Yummy lettuce.

The strawberry plant has blooms!! Yay!

Bean plant!
 Look how big the Roma tomato plant is!  This guy is just flourishing. I feel like this one gets bigger every day.

There are also some zucchinis on the zucchini plant.

Look how funny this one grew. Weird...

And don't worry Dina- this is as big as my oregano is and I planted it at the same time as my Roma tomato!

Geez oregano, you are so lame.

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