Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Comeith!

Hello Supportive Blog-readers,

We suck at blogging. Ha! As I'm sure you're aware it has been forever since Devon or I posted and we are about to re-unite for Christmas festivities. So excited!

I know there are a million excuses on why we have gone dormant, but I wanted to share anyways: I got bored with my garden. There is something so special about watching your garden grow and there is so much life and beauty in it. Plus all that hard work you put in to make it happen. And then, your garden is done. You just have to wait. It's big and green and just not as easy to get excited over. I even got so lazy I stopped using my Aqua Globes because I didn't want to refill them! So they are officially decoration. I knew this would happen, too. My tomatoes took FOREVER to ripen and Matt ate all the cilantro so quickly we ended up killing it, haha. It doesn't grow back like the spinach does. My green beans were lack-luster at best and I just got bored.

Biggest Success: Lettuce. This little plant kept coming back more and more and more delicious. It was the one plant I was always excited to check up on. But then it got aphids! IN DOWNTOWN SEATTLE! So, I was officially grossed out and didn't want to eat it anymore. That was the day I turned my back on my garden.

Biggest Letdown: Tomatoes. Seattle is just not the climate. I think I may try once again next year but only with little cherry tomatoes. The big ones just didn't cut it. I had a lot of fried green tomatoes at the end of the season and really didn't get a big harvest. Besides, constantly hearing about the Franken-bush Mom got back in IL and how she didn't know what do with all of these tomatoes was just aggravating! No offense, Mom, super happy for you, but I haven't had a good tomato since leaving the East Coast!!!

The garden now looks sad, I refuse to post any pictures. Especially after revisiting the pictures of sunshine and water. While making my first round of co-worker Christmas cookies this weekend I fully intend on digging all the plants up and housing the soil for next year use. We are getting a lot of wind and rain now and my pots are flying around the patio.

So, we are going to shut down until next year's spring. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! We can't shut down the blog!! Devon and I have talked about it and are hoping that maybe you all would like a say in it. Our favorite option is a cooking blog for the winter. We seemed to be very food oriented anyways (who in this family isn't?) while we had the gardens so we may as well continue. Plus, once Devon started putting up pictures of bruschetta and her cakes I had to run right away and make them. I figured we could start a cool recipe sharing, mouthwatering blog of our Kitchen Escapades. And then see how that goes. What do you all think?

One more thing... Neti's catnip! Also a major success, I harvested the whole plant and dried it. I am officially my cat's catnip dealer. I'll send some pictures when the crushing begins! I have a very happy cat.

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  1. I just checked in to see what was up with the blog. Love the idea of a food blog. I'll be waiting. AN T LU